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Quantum Flow is always on the look out for ways to maximise efficiency and minimise time, resources and costs for all of our Customer’s. 

So, when we discovered ServiceM8, we were that impressed with the simplicity, features, customisation and integration that the ServiceM8 system brings, we decided to implement it into our business too. 

ServiceM8 is an Australian developed system which brings a whole new level of customer focus and service, workflow management, billing and cost management to your business. Designed for Trade and Services Industries, ServiceM8 brings a fully integrated software package to help you succeed. 

ServiceM8 integrates with your business to support sales, marketing, service, quality and accounting systems all into one auditable package. 

Win more work

With professional quotes and better communication, you'll win more new work and earn repeat customers.

On average businesses using ServiceM8 complete 30% more work in the first 3 months.

Produce professional invoices in seconds and even take payment before you leave the job.

Complete more work

Get paid faster

ServiceM8 is cloud based where any internet connected computer can access the software. In the field, ServiceM8 works with Apple iPhones or iPads via the ServiceM8 App to access the Software away from the office. ServiceM8 integrates perfectly with XERO, MYOB and QUICKBOOKS. 

It provides staff with multi-level access and is designed for all people in your business to create greater profits through efficiency, increased reputation through service and quality delivery and higher business management focus and awareness. You can also integrate your sub-contractors into ServiceM8 allowing you to manage all off your people resources in one place. 

ServiceM8 app - iPad and iPhone.png

ServiceM8 provides you as the business owner or manager, enhanced resources, cost & schedule reporting and auditing. Documentation of jobs performed can be documented by photo or video resulting in faster job closeout and payment.

ServiceM8 provides a wide range of customisations including branded purpose-built forms that can be used for customer enquiries. Customised Forms can be embedded as part of your processes & workflows to provide auditing, authorisations and acceptance reporting throughout the job.

Quotations, invoicing and works orders are also able to be customisable with your branding, format and information replacing the need to duplicate these functions in your accounting or manual systems. ServiceM8 integrates with MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero accounting systems providing reduction of accounts administration, duplication, mistakes and time taken for billing.

Will ServiceM8 work for you?

ServiceM8 is an awesome product and suits just about every Trade & Service business that we can think of, however, you should consider the following: 

  • Do your employees or field workers have access to either Apple iPad or iPhone? This is something you need to consider, as these Apple products are required to use the APP component of the ServiceM8 system. 


  • It’s a good idea to think about what you want the product to do for you, do you want to automate a lot of your paper-based systems, or do you simply want to use it as a scheduling and/or invoicing system, or maybe a place to keep all your customer records in one place – or maybe all of the above. 


  • If you want to turn some of your paper-based systems into forms that your employees can complete on the go, give thought to what questions and possible answers you would want on those forms; and don’t forget that ServiceM8 is compatible with Quickbooks, Xero and MYOB online software. 


  • Before ordering a ServiceM8 set-up package we encourage you to sign up for a FREE TRIAL ServiceM8 account (if you haven’t already) to get a “feel” for the product.  This will cost nothing, and you can take a tour and check it out for yourself! 


Once you have considered the above, and are fairly confident this product is for you, we can get started!  If you are not sure, or to get started BOOK our FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULT 

ServiceM8 Quotes & Bookings

To make a booking with a ServiceM8 consultant, please click the button below and fill in the enquiry form.  

To make an enquiry or request a quote, please click the button below and fill in the enquiry form.  

Quotes & Bookings
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