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Quantum Flow has designed and are in manufacture of the


The ‘Lock-It-Out’ provides for an inexpensive solution to
improve the security of access to covers, doors, compartments,
or any other type of enclosure secured by
keylocks, camlocks, bolts or screws.


Where total replacement of the key or camlock is traditionally required to achieve a higher security (eg: padlock-able camlock) the "LOCK-IT-OUT" can provide an inexpensive solution that is non-permanent and quick and easy to fit.


Ideal for the temporary improvement of security

Non Permanent Modification of hired or loaned equipment

Increased security of public access equipment for short exposure times 

Suitable for any Industry, Indoors or Out, Day or Night

Available in single units with or without a lock

Keyed Alike or Individual Lockwood Locks are available on Request

Bulk Purchases available in boxes of 10 x Base + 2d Lid and 3d Cover

Please contact us for Pre-Order Enquiries

LIO Grp 1.jpg
Lock-it-out skelton 2.gif

The ‘Lock-It-Out’ is supplied with a standard lid which fits inside the base and is secured by the padlock.
The lid obstructs the view of the securing device to stop prying eyes. Secured to the base by the padlock
The standard lid is ideal for low profile locks and fixtures

LIO Grp 2.jpg

The ‘Lock-It-Out’ with optional 3D cover.
The 3D cover obstructs the view of the securing device to stop prying eyes. Secured to the base by the padlock.
Ideal for larger fixtures that need more space in height 

The ‘Lock-It-Out’ can be used to improve security to many different types of fixtures including cam locks, key locks, bolts, screws

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