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Plug Swivel Adaptor


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The Plug Swivel Adaptor is designed for mining & industrial applications where a Cable Plug (or Cable Coupler) connects to a Cable Plug Adapter.

The Plug Swivel Adaptor allows the Cable Plug Adapter to be rotated without any need for disconnecting cables to align the Cable Plug with the Cable Plug Adapter.

This function allows for two primary improvements, firstly removing undue stress from the cable conductor connections internal to the cable plug & cable adapter and second, saving significant time when making connections that are misaligned.

A third resultant from use of the Plug Swivel Adapter is reduced exposure to workers from lifting and strain injuries.

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The Plug Swivel Adapter provides physical, cost, productivity, time, and safety improvements over all existing practices.


Physical stress on electrical connections within misaligned plugs and adaptors are principally reduced to eliminated, delivering reduced failures which can result in replacement costs in the ten’s thousands of dollars.


Physically, the effort and time to establish the connection are significantly reduced, making establishment or relocation of the electrical equipment a far more efficient process, which in turn, delivers efficiency gains, increased equipment availability and with reduced opportunity for physical harm to operators.

The HV Plug adaptor 11SA-20 is not suitable for hazardous applications currently.

The Plug Swivel Adapter has been designed in principle with Exd Flameproof standards.
Model 11SA-20 is specifically designed for 11kV 800A flameproof adapters

and plugs in non-hazardous area applications.

The ingress rating is designed & certified at a minimum of IP56.

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Concept, Design, Development and Manufacture of the Plug Swivel Adapter is in ownership of Quantum Flow SAJL Pty Ltd.

All rights pertaining to the design ownership and patentable rights is reserved by Quantum Flow Pty Ltd / SAJL Engineering Pty Ltd. 

All materials, designs, drawings & documentation & photographic materials are protected by copyright.

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