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Padlock - Hardened Steel Chrome Shank with Brass Body

Blue Silicon Cover

50mm Long Shank - Lock Body 30x30x13mm


The 120N Series Padlock come
complete with a jacket made from
a tough silicone material which is
weather resistant and UV stable
to resist the impact of harsh
The jackets also provide protection
for both the padlock and the object to
which it is attached.
The 120N padlock is suitable for
general purpose applications providing
for a broad range of applications.
• Pin tumbler locking
• Self‑latching shackle function


Lockwood Padlock - 120N/50/150

  • These Lockwood padlocks are only available as keyed differently.

    The padlock comes with a blue silicon cover and is supplied with 3 keys.

    These locks are only available as Keyed Different.

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