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Mentoring & Assistance

Quantum Flow is here to assist you in the delivery of your project by providing guidance and mentoring to help your project along.

Quantum Flow can assist you where you are experiencing project requirements that are tending beyond your experience base, where the project is becoming larger and more complex than past projects or if you are looking to improve on your project performance to reduce waste and improve efficiency which helps your bottom line.

We have more than 25 years experience in project engineering and project management. Our vision is to help to make your project successful.

Project Assistance in;

  • Project Concept and Preliminary Budgeting

  • Stakeholder and Project Requirement Definition

  • Risk Identification and Resources Planning

  • Project Setup, Initiation and Planning

  • Scope, Technical Writing and Tendering Assistance

  • Project Delivery Support, Project Performance Monitoring

  • Scope Auditing & Closing, Verification and Handover

  • Project Cosure and Handover

PM Introduction Classes

As part of our service to you, we can deliver a one day Introduction to Project Management session to your team.

The session covers the fundamental concepts,  shares experiences and provides an insight into project systems and processes.

This session is great for people who are just starting in project work regardless of your role or for those who are interested in advancing their project management knowledge.


This course is ideal for Employers who wish to educate their workforce in the what's & why's we do what we do to effectively manage projects.

Sure your can google everything about Project management.

We can accelerate your understanding and knowledge.

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