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We deliver exceptional outcomes to people & businesses.  

Services & Products

Our Services & Products

Quantum Flow through our Engineering & Project Management experience can provide you with a professional service that is laser-focused on quality, accuracy and cost. 

Our experience & knowledge supports our engineering consultancy, small scale design, business improvement, mentoring and support to all sizes and complexity of businesses.


We can assist your business in developing a strategy to process.  This will reduce waste (time, materials, rework and labour) bringing efficiency.  We help you optimise and simplify your business functions reducing administration time & rework, increasing quality and customer satisfaction resulting in less work time for you and more profits for your business.

We also design and manufacture solutions for specific problems



Apps & Tools

Quantum Flow is always on the look out for ways to maximise efficiency and minimise time, resources and costs for all of our Customer’s. 

We have been busy evaluating and testing a range of software Apps and Tools so that you can be assured that the Products listed in a page are Top Shelf meaning best value for price, software that works as it should and software that provides you, the end user an improvement in your bottom line.


Apps and Tools that we have selected are specifically for the Service industry, Trades, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Consultants.  

ServiceM8 provides a full Customer Service package fully integrated with your accounting package and other Apps. 

Clickup is an excellent task planning & communication Kanban Style App 

All Apps and Tools that we select are highly customisable, configurable and have the ability to build you own forms and templates.

Past Projects

Past Projects


Contact Us

Unit 1

17 Premiere Circuit

Warana, QLD 4575

If you have any questions, or would like to purchase any of our products please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thanks for your enquiry - We will be in contact with you soon.


Akram Khan

I have worked with Neil Owers for a number of years on various projects. His electrical expertise and industry knowledge in these projects has been invaluable. The innovative approach to ensure a safe and economical design has resulted in successful completion of projects. He follows a systematic project methodology and is also proactive, cooperative and flexible. I highly recommend him as an engineering and management consultant.

Brendan Sheppard

I have worked with Neil Owers from Quantum Flow on numerous projects now, where interlocking expertise was required. In dealing with Neil as the customer Engineering contact on projects, found Neil to be Safety Focused, successful outcome orientated, fair and ethical with regards to projects under his control.

Brian Stephen

I have dealt with Neil a number of times and have always found him to be competent, thorough and professional.


About Us

Who are we?

Quantum Flow is a Sunshine Coast based Engineering Consultancy Business
We are located in Warana and service primarily Queensland and New South Wales

  • Highly experienced project professionals in heavy industries and mining

  • Engineering and Operational Experience

  • Professional Business Services

What do we provide?

Quantum Flow through our 25 years experience and knowledge provides Engineering Consultancy, Business Improvement, Mentoring and Support to all sizes and complexity of businesses.

We identify and deliver Strategy to Process, Waste to Efficiency, Moving your business to an optimised efficient business.  We can reduce administration time & rework, increase your
quality outcomes and customer satisfaction, resulting in less work time for you and more profits for your business.

Why do we do what we do?

>   Our purpose is to realise your success 
>   We stive to deliver exceptional outcomes for your people & your business
>   We deliver projects, save time, cost and rework
>   We provide support and mentoring to people & businesses
>   Experiencing growth or complexity from Start to the Finish
>   Use software tools that reduce time, effort, cost.
>   Software that integrates with your business to drive success
>   We design & prototype boutique solutions to small scale manufacturing 

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